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We proudly serve the Kansas City, MO area- from Liberty and Independence to Blue Springs and beyond! 

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32 S Sibley Street, Buckner, MO, 64016

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Mon-Fri | 12pm - 9pm
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open all year or only seasonally?

We are happy to serve our customers all year round!  

Always provide a safe distance between buildings, vehicles, trees, and any viewing audience. A minimum clear radius of 30 feet for fountains and other ground-based items and 100 yards for any aerial-based fireworks is recommended.
Always check with your local laws to be sure you’re aware and comply with the proper use of fireworks.  Keep your celebration safe!

The best option to safely store your fireworks before the show is in a metal container to keep things from getting in and out and away from heat/sun. If you don’t have a metal container, a plastic one is your next best option. Also, try not to overpack to avoid any damage to your fireworks.

How do I dispose of them afterwards?

Do not throw them in the garbage while they’re still hot.  Dispose of used fireworks by first, soaking in water and then placing them in a metal bin away from structures. 

Yes!  We do have fireworks that are not as loud to be used safely around veterans and other people with PTSD, children with sensitivities to loud sounds, and pets! 

Yes! We have been licensed since 2018 and hand-pick all our products to ensure the highest quality is delivered to our customers. 

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