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More than just a fireworks store

About Us

Family is at the heart of our store

At Snap Crackle & Boom Fireworks, we’re all about creating great memories, igniting patriotism, and keeping the fun safe. As a family-owned and operated business, we love bonding over brilliant bursts of color in the sky. With us, you’ll find top-quality, hand-picked fireworks that promise dazzling displays without compromising safety. Come and check out our air-conditioned showroom with the whole family.

Let’s light up the night together! 

Meet the dream team

Meet the dream team

Meet the dream team

Why Choose Snap Crackle & Boom?



Our customers can expect their dollar to go farther with us. We believe fireworks should be accessible for every budget, and we make sure our customers walk away with more for their money than they'd find at other stores.



We hand-test and personally rate every product we sell, and if it doesn't meet our standards, we don't carry it. We're committed to making sure we only sell high-quality products. Nobody deserves to buy a dud!



We foster a fun experience from the moment a customer steps into our showroom. With air-conditioning for comfort and fun refreshments, we want shopping for fireworks to be almost as fun as shooting them. Customer experience is a priority to us.



Fostering positive family memories is important to us. Fireworks put the focus on fun, and every family deserves to have them as part of their family traditions. We keep a family atmosphere and family-friendly pricing, so that every kid can experience fireworks with their families.

Try Our Brand NEW 3D Showcase Builder!

Our special Glow software allows you to try out over 25 different fireworks in our 3D show builder. And even put together multiple fireworks into your own 3D showcase! Try it now – it’s absolutely FREE!


It's time to celebrate!

The Big Party

5th Annual Friends & Family Night

We’re ready to do it again! Join us for our 5th Annual Friends and Family night. We’ll have food, prizes, and lots of fireworks for purchase. We’re also changing the day we do it to a Thursday so more people may be able to join us. So, grab the family and head on out to Snap Crackle and Boom Fireworks to enjoy a great night of fun! 

Perks of

Snap Crackle
& Boom

We proudly serve the Kansas City, MO area- from Liberty and Independence to Blue Springs and beyond!  C’mon down and bring the whole family for a fun-filled day with Snap Crackle & Boom Fireworks.

Beat the Heat

Shop comfortably with us! Our store is air-conditioned to keep you cool while you shop for the hottest fireworks around. It's a refreshing upgrade from shopping in a hot tent.


Bring the whole family down to plan your celebration with us! As a family-owned and operated business, we know how to make every moment count.

Refresh Yourself

Not only is the store nice and cool, but you can also enjoy refreshments while you browse our selection of fireworks, sparklers, bottle rockets, and more!

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Ask us Anything

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to serve our customers all year round!  

Always provide a safe distance between buildings, vehicles, trees, and any viewing audience. A minimum clear radius of 30 feet for fountains and other ground-based items and 100 yards for any aerial-based fireworks is recommended.
Always check with your local laws to be sure you’re aware and comply with the proper use of fireworks.  Keep your celebration safe!

The best option to safely store your fireworks before the show is in a metal container to keep things from getting in and out and away from heat/sun. If you don’t have a metal container, a plastic one is your next best option. Also, try not to overpack to avoid any damage to your fireworks.

Do not throw them in the garbage while they’re still hot.  Dispose of used fireworks by first, soaking in water and then placing them in a metal bin away from structures. 

Yes!  We do have fireworks that are not as loud to be used safely around veterans and other people with PTSD, children with sensitivities to loud sounds, and pets! 

Yes! We have been licensed since 2018 and hand-pick all our products to ensure the highest quality is delivered to our customers. 

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