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Make a statement at your next gathering with a harmonious blend of colors and effects.

Introducing Mob Madness Aerial finale set, featuring four Brothers Heavy Weight 500-gram repeaters:

  • Crime Scene: Alternating red, green, or blue tails to bouquets with silver, gold, or purple tails to glitter and willows. Includes a fourteen-shot finale. (Duration: 50s)
  • Inside Job: Red, silver, blue, green, and gold tails to various effects, followed by a forty-two-second display. (Duration: 42s)
  • Blood Money: Colorful tails to bouquets with crackling flowers, concluding with a seven-shot finale. (Duration: 67s)
  • Turf War: Glittering tails to stars and timerain crackling, ending with a swirling dragon tails finale. (Duration: 33s)

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