Helping Local Groups, with the spectacular


Taking your Fundraising Events to new Heights

Looking to host a fundraising event?

Snap Crackle & Boom Fireworks loves to help bring events to new heights. We have been a part of fundraisers for:

  • Athletic Teams
  • School Program: (Example – Wrestling Team)

  • American Legion, VFW, etc.

  • And more!

Snap Crackle & Boom helps raise money for various causes and have loads of explosive fun; offering a dynamic and efficient way to achieve your fundraising goals. It also is a great money-saving way to market yourself or your organization by getting your name out there.

Dynamite fundraising with a boom!


Make every boom count

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Explore our Wide Range of Fireworks for your event

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Ignite your events


Making a Difference In the community

Ignite Your Fundraising with Snap Crackle & Boom Fireworks!
Are you ready to turn up the excitement and blast your fundraising goals beyond expectations? Join forces with Snap Crackle & Boom Fireworks and experience the thrill of explosive fundraising fun!
Our fireworks fundraising events are guaranteed to light up the sky and your spirits. Picture the community coming together around your cause to share laughter, fun. and contribute to a great cause by purchasing the best fireworks around.

Empowering you

without burdening you financially

Come check us out on our opening day!! Win cool prizes and help us celebrate 5 years in our Buckner location!! Plus, come early to get the first chance at getting your hands on all of the new 2024 items!! They’ll go fast!

No upfront financial commitment required

No need to purchase firework inventory beforehand

Snap, Crackle and Boom supplies the merchandise, ensuring constant support and smooth operations.

Where the
Magic Happens

Why Choose Snap Crackle & Boom?


Attractive Stands:

No one wants to get stuck with old or low-quality equipment. We only provide equipment in good repair that looks great because you’re a representative of the Snap Crackle & Boom family. When you look good, you feel good, and people want to stop by and purchase from nice and attractive stands.



We hand-test and personally rate every product we sell, and if it doesn't meet our standards, we don't carry it. We're committed to making sure we only sell high-quality products. Nobody deserves to buy a dud!



We foster a fun experience from the moment a customer steps into our showroom. With air-conditioning for comfort and fun refreshments, we want shopping for fireworks to be almost as fun as shooting them. Customer experience is a priority to us.

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